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Erg Chebbi Tours  invites you to come and experience the magic of Morocco, to be immersed in its rich culture, history and mythology, to savour its fine wines and fragrant cuisine, and to journey through the wonderful variety of its landscapes. The Moroccan countryside boasts a range of colours and habitats, from the heights of the Atlas mountains to the fertile plains of Gharb and Haouz, to the sun-drenched dunes of the desert where you will encounter the local inhabitants and their way of life.

Accompanied by an experienced guide, multilingual Omar Karaoui, you will be able to venture off the beaten track for a unique Moroccan travel adventure.

Erg Chebbi Tours  offers guided tours, excursions, and organised group treks to suit all tastes and requirements. Please explore the website to find out more about our tours.

If you would prefer to customise your trip, Omar and his team would be delighted to discuss your plans and areas of interest to draw up your perfect itinerary. 

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Responsible tourism lies at the heart of Erg Chebbi Tours

We promote respect for the environment, as well as the positive impact that a well-managed tourism industry can have on local society.

Most recently, Omar Karaoui has worked in collaboration with the local school in Merzouga to launch a project aimed at raising literacy levels and providing access to new technology, for young children and teenagers.

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